LabVIEW Driver for PCAN Adapters

Part Number: GC-CAN-LV

MPN: IPES-002080, IPES-002076, IPES-002077, IPES-002079

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LabVIEW Drivers for Peak CAN Adapters

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  • Peak offers LabVIEW Driver for LabVIEW environments deploying PEAK Hardware (NOTE: The CAN-RS232 and CAN-USB-LIGHT adapters are not Peak products and are not supported).

    Version Selection Summary:

    Version Description
    PCAN-Basic Used by most customers. Based upon the free PCAN-Basic API.
    PCAN-Basic-FD Required when using an FD (Flexible Data) compatible PCAN interface. Based upon the free PCAN-Basic-FD API.
    PCAN-Developer Used only if purchased PCAN-Developer. Based upon the not-free PCAN-Developer API that provides advanced functionality for application development.
    PCAN-Light Used in legacy systems only. Based upon the obsolete free PCAN-Light API.
  • Main Features
    • No time require to start, since C header files (*.h) no longer need to be read and so the associated DLL calls are no longer required
    • Interface cards and adapters are available for these drivers, and are all compatible with the same calls (parallel, ISA, PCI, PC-104, USB etc.)
    • Simplified configuration in LabVIEW via the functions Create-control or Create-constant

    Support for the following Versions of LabVIEW:
    - PCAN-Basic: LabVIEW 2009 and higher
    - PCAN-Basic-FD: LabVIEW 2011 and higher
    - PCAN-Light: LabVIEW 6.0 and higher
    - PCAN-Evaluation/Developer: LabVIEW 6.0 and higher
  • Manufacturers Part Number IPES-002080, IPES-002076, IPES-002077, IPES-002079
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