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  • The professional version of PCANopen Magic provides several high-end features such as a high-resolution timestamp and advanced scanning and configuration overview windows. The support of symbolic names (for example imported from EDS files) further simplify its usage.

    PCANopen Magic Professional works with all Peak CAN interfaces:

    • CAN USB
    • CAN PCI
    • CAN PCI Express

    CANopen Magic Pro Free Evaluation

  • CANopen Magic Professional includes all the features of CANopen Magic Standard and adds the following:

    • Custom SDO Channels

    • Display and configure PDO's (see picture above) allows simultaneous access to all PDO configuration parameters of a node. Communication and Mapping parameters can be changed by point-and-click. Up to 10 configuration windows may be open at any time.

    • Custom Parameters Customize vendor names, device types, error codes and abort codes.

    • Read & Write Device Configuration Files

    • Enhanced configuration of transmit messages, which may be transmitted on a key pressed, manually, automatically in response to a specific message being received or on a periodic time basis.

    • Display process data meters, graphs, LEDs etc. create custom meters to visualize your data.

    • Layer Setting Services (LSS) Support

    • Scriptable Trace Filtering with multiple trace windows (max 4), trace window filtering, and continuous (long term) trace window recording

    • Log File Playback

    • CiA 447 Car Add-on Devices Support

    • CANopen Manager Configuration
  • Manufacturers Part Number PCAN CANOPEN MAGIC PRO
  • CANopen Magic Pro Free Evaluation">
  • CANopen Magic Pro Free Evaluation">
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