TalkMaster Enterprise Edition (EE)

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TalkMaster Enterprise Edition

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  • For sophisticated users and applications, TalkMaster Enterprise Edition (EE) provides flexibility in addressing the special needs of complex, multi-station, multi-operator and multi-site installations. Whether your application is a parking facility, educational institution, corrections, high-security port authority, or many other applications, TalkMaster-EE provides:

    • Faster call response with rules-based call routing
    • Enhanced staff utilization by consolidating monitoring operations
    • System Flexibility to address changing facility layouts
    • Configuration flexibility allows you to tailor your system to each environment
    • Secured administrator configuration and operator log-in
    • Digital Audio Recorder and Audit functions

    Designed to manage intercom and public address operations over IP networks, TalkMaster-EE provides for flexibility in design, engineering and operation. TalkMaster-EE manages Digital Acoustics’ ii3 and IP7 IP Intercom and Paging Products, providing voice-quality sound (including QOS—Quality of Service) and low network bandwidth utilization (80 kbps per session).

    TalkMaster-EE's server based topology can manage 1,000’s of intercom and paging end-points from multiple sites and consoles, regardless of geography. A powerful set of intercom call queue rules establishes site-specific call response hierarchies.

    As a 100% IP-based solution, TalkMaster-EE operates on available network infrastructure and there is no need to purchase proprietary network hardware. In addition to eliminating substantial initial acquisition cost for dedicated single-use hardware, this topology minimizes future costs related to communication system relocation as command centers can be established wherever the network exists. Importantly, this solution provides organizations with the flexibility to add intercom or public address end-points one at a time. Because TalkMaster is a software solution, there is no need for additional head-end chassis or cards.

    A key feature in the TalkMaster-EE Communication System is real-time call handling, using rules-based queue management. Intercom queues are groups of intercoms that may be assigned to human console operators acting in management teams. To assure service quality, TalkMaster-EE incorporates a powerful set of rules-based controls to handle incoming call counts, waiting time in queue and call priorities. By applying these rules, the TalkMaster-EE Administrator is able to establish call response hierarchies for virtually any organizational requirement.

    TalkMaster-EE Communication Management Software records every substantial aspect of an intercom call transaction; among the information gathered and available on the Administration Console Screen are:

    • Console operator and administrator sign-in and sign-off
    • Call start/stop including source
    • Recording of both audio paths, and
    • Intercom call station status

    TalkMaster-EE can support a single building, a campus or multiple sites— locally or globally......No call goes unanswered.

    New to 2.0: Extended paging capabilities, Text to Speech, Interface updates.

    • Enhanced User Interface speeds operator management of calls and mass notification announcements
    • Simultaneous distribution of unique messages to multiple zones
    • Sophisticated pre-recorded message configuration and distribution
    • Support for text-to-speech notification, ability to integrate with SMS/Email/Cellular message systems
    • New protocol support for improved performance over wireless networks, both WiFi and 3G

    TalkMaster-EE comes with a 3-seat license. Additional seats may be purchased for $250 each. TalkMaster-EE is a Client-Server program that requires a Windows(tm) Server. The server does not have to be dedicated.

  • Manufacturers Part Number TMEE-SW
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