Happy Thanksgiving from Grid Connect!


11225395_876374699127710_8369360790151184928_nHere at Grid Connect, we have a lot to be thankful for. From a fun work atmosphere that includes daily ping-pong matches to a flexible work schedule, there are many reasons we come back to work every day.

But work isn’t everything. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the Grid Connect team wants to express thanks for some of the more personal things. To see what some of the Grid Connect team is thankful for this year, continue reading below.

“My amazing wife and two very silly little boys who make me smile every day!” – Adam Justice, Vice President

“I am thankful for my amazing support system of friends and family, and a job that I enjoy coming to every day.” – Brittney Borowicz, Marketing Manager

“On the professional field: being able to work with a team that’s more like a family. On the personal field: me and the folks close to me being healthy, I think… O:-)” – Cristian Codreanu, Engineer

“My family.” – Deb Armin, Sales

“I’m thankful for two wonderfully silly and curious daughters, as well as my amazing wife.” – Erik Krietsch, Developer

“There was a little, Irish, red-headed girl that lived next door when we moved into our neighborhood 23 years ago. She grew up, married, and now brings us her new daughter to play at Mr. Rodgers house. What a joy.” – Glenn Rodgers, Vice President of Production

“My new son, Jack. <3” – Jon Allured, Lead Developer

“My Grid Connect family!” – John Marchiando, Vice President of Business Development

“I am thankful for my new marriage and all the support we received surrounding it.” – Jonathan Witthoeft, Engineer

“I am thankful that I have a job that I love to come to every day and the people here are family!” – Karen Gramit, Office Manager

“I am thankful to have good health and that my two chicks will be back in the nest for Thanksgiving! (My kids will both be home for the holiday.) I am thankful that God is faithful and has provided all that I need.” – Mary Miller, Shipping

“I have made quite a few new friends at home and work this year, so I am thankful for the friends I have.” – Matt Cote, Technical Support

“I am thankful to be able to have lunch with my father, son, and brothers every Tuesday.” – Mike Justice, Founder and President

“I am thankful for our customers; past, present and future!” – Rick Rockershousen, Vice President of Sales

“I am thankful for continuing good health!” – Wes Dodd, Engineer

Employee Spotlight: Jonathan Witthoeft, Software Engineer

Grid Connect-5509

Jonathan Witthoeft has been working with the Grid Connect team for the past five years. After hearing about Grid Connect from a friend, he applied for a technical support position while finishing up his degree in electrical engineering. After spending three years leading tech support at Grid Connect, Jon has fully transitioned to a software engineering position where he spends much of his time working on various ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) projects.

Beyond spending his time working with ZigBee and BLE and taking the occasional tech support call, you can find Jon playing ping-pong with the Grid Connect “A” League or playing (and usually winning at) a game of Bags. Jon says that his favorite part of working for Grid Connect is the people. “Everyone in the Grid Connect family is friendly and easy to work with. It makes a great atmosphere to get work done and keeps us all happy and productive.”

Jon was married less than a month ago to his beautiful wife. In his spare time, he enjoys watching Game of Thrones with his wife and their fur babies as well as attending movies and sporting events, and spending time with friends.

Smart Toasters and Data Security

Technological advancements have always had their Achilles’ heel: except maybe in cases like the wheel and the toaster. Besides that, progress has rarely been void of people to abuse the power it permits. Certainly in recent years, with the growth of internet technologies, information and identity theft has become the Mr. Hyde of development.

Over the last decade, 176 major cyber security breaches have occurred with 30,000+ records stolen. These security breaches have ranged in severity, from names and phone numbers being stolen to social security and credit card details. One of the most recent cases of cyber theft was discovered in February of 2015: 80 million records were reported to be stolen from the Anthem Inc. database. This information included names, addresses, account details, and even social security numbers.

This does not mean that all technology, except wheels and toasters, should be thrown away. However, there ought to be some thought put into how device-to-device technology should be pursued. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to be an incredibly useful interconnection of appliances, but this has also resulted in lower barriers of security and an influx of connection points. Networking capabilities have advanced to connect all sorts of devices into a single conversation which provides for improved physical safety of the house, but a plausible decrease in cyber security. This is a good reminder that companies developing for the IoT must take special precautions to secure valuable information, and not to be flippant with the data that we share.

See the full infographic at Computer Science Zone.