Add One More Serial Adapter and the Universe Might Collapse

A reader over at Gizmodo sent in this picture of a ludicrous chain of serial adapters.

In this chain we have:

  • A Parallel Port DB25 Gender Changer
  • Parallel DB25 to Serial DB9
  • Serial DB9 to Serial Min DIN 8
  • Min Din 8 to USB

The crazier part is that the reader sent in this screen shot and claims that this chain of adapters is fully operational.

It is certainly possible that this screenshot could have been doctored.  We didn’t believe this would work ourselves so we managed to gather up all the right adapters and form our own Serial Adapter Chain.  This one is Busted!  There are a few reasons we believe this would not work, first of all the Parallel Port only puts out 2.5 volts where most USB devices require 5 volts to run.  Also there would have to be some sort of driver used to recognize a USB device on this port.  It appears the person who submitted the picture may have used a strange driver to get it to show up but there is no way they are talking to the USB Flash drive on the end of that chain.

Here is a Picture of Glenn one of our Engineers testing if Power will actually go from a pin on the Parallel adapter all the way through to the USB (it does)

Note: We at Grid Connect do not endorse such an insane chain of serial adapters and typically recommend only using one at a time

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Surprising PROFINET Market Share Numbers!


Just last week I attended the PROFIBUS Trade Organization’s (PTO) annual meeting.  It was two days of great presentations and networking with other members.

The first major announcement was that the PTO is changing its name to PROFIBUS & PROFINET International North America (PI).  They also announced a new website for PROFINET information and application examples.  You can visit the new site today at

As you can see in the pie chart above PROFINET is making some impressive gains in market share amongst the other Industrial Ethernet based protocols.

Another big announcement made at the annual meeting was that GE’s Intelligent Platforms Division and several other semiconductor companies have committed to using PROFINET going forward.

While many companies who are in full production are using PROFIBUS today, those who are working on new designs are looking closely at PROFINET for future Ethernet implementations.  PROFINET seems to have addressed the levels of performance needed and the real-time issues found in basic Ethernet, Real-time Ethernet, and Isochronous Real Time Ethernet.  The first two types of PROFINET (Basic and Real-Time Ethernet) can be implemented using standard Ethernet controllers.  The isochronous version of PROFINET requires special Ethernet MAC controllers that can guarantee packet delivery.  We believe that most applications out there can be accomplished using standard Ethernet controllers.

PROFIBUS Guides Available, One-Day Training Classes Coming to a City Near You!

If you are a company who uses PROFIBUS networks in your automation environment, the PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO) was set up to help people like you.  The PTO can provide you with a wealth of information on planning, setting up and installing your PROFIBUS network.

Now available from the PTO are a full set of Guides for Planning, Installing Cabling and Assembly and Commissioning your PROFIBUS network.

Visit the PTO Website, to download all of their installation Guides.

In addition to these great guides, the PTO also puts on one-day training classes throughout the USA and Canada.  We at Grid Connect are PTO members and sponsors of these classes.  We generally attend most of the classes and talk with customers about our great selection of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products including PROFIBUS Troubleshooting Kits, PROFIBUS Hubs, and More.

Below is the class schedule for the remainder of the year:

August 17, 2010            PROFIBUS One-day Training Class Tulsa, OK

August 26, 2010            PROFINET One-day Training Class Cleveland, OH

September 2, 2010        PROFINET One-day Training Class Denver, CO

September 14, 2010      PROFINET One-day Training Class Toronto, ON Canada

September 16, 2010      PROFINET One-day Training Class Montreal, QC Canada

September 22, 2010      PROFIBUS One-day Training Class Baltimore, MD

October 6, 2010             PROFIBUS One-day Training Class Omaha, NE

October 21, 2010           PROFINET One-day Training Class Dallas, TX

November 9, 2010         PROFINET One-day Training Class Detroit, MI

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