DC Voltage Sensor with Isolation

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DC Voltage Sensor

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  • The Isolated DC Voltage Sensor allows the user to integrate a custom sensor to the sensorProbe while still retaining all of the features of the standard sensors. The DC Voltage sensor has the full range of functionality including snmp integration, email and trap generation upon settable limits and thresholds.

    The sensor plugs into our intelligent SensorProbes, such as the SensorProbe2, the SensorProbe8, or any SecurityProbe. The sensor can be placed up to 1,000 feet from the SensorProbe using standard CAT5 cable (5 ft cable included).

    In some applications, customers have added pressure transducers, Solar Power Monitors, Battery Monitors, and have integrated the sensorProbe into laboratory test equipment.

    DC Voltage Sensors can be used by OEMs and engineers to create their own custom data collection systems. The user can configure sensor input voltage range from -60 to 0 volts or 0 to 60 volts. DC Voltage sensors can provide real time data from the world around them.

    Readings are available in both an absolute value and a percentage of full scale. Full scale is user programmable with both the base and top voltage from -60 to 0 or 0 to 60 volts.

    The web interface for the DC Voltage Sensor is now redesigned to ease the settings when used with the external sensor. The unit of a measured entity can be customized to any text, e.g. Lbs for measuring the pressure. All numbers are now in a decimal point format; hence, it is possible to enter 12.8 Volts or 75.7 Lbs in threshold settings, for example. The display in graph, emails, and traps are now in a decimal point format as well.

    SNMP interface for alarm/normal status. SNMP traps sent when status changes. SNMP polling via get available. Web browser interface available. When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email.

    NOTE: The iDCV is NOT compatible with:

    • securityProbe controllers before November 2009
    • securityProbe 5E controllers before November 2009
    • securityProbe 5ES controllers before November 2009
    • sensorProbe2 controllers before November 2009
    • sensorProbe4 controllers before July 2011
    • sensorProbe8 controllers before July 2011
    • sensorProbe8-X20/X60 controllers before July 2011

    • CAT5 Enabled sensor allows you to add up to 1000' of CAT5 cable to the sensor
    • SensorProbe autodetects the presence of the security sensor
    • Up to 2 security sensor per sensorProbe
    • Full autosense including disconnect alarm
  • Manufacturers Part Number IDCV
    Power Supply Powered by the sensorProbe. No additional power needed.
    Measurement Rate Multiple readings every second.
    Communications Cable RJ-45 jack to sensor using UTP CAT5 wire.
    Measurement Range Range: 0 to ±60 volts with status: High Warning, Low Warning, High Critical, Low Critical
    Measurement Resolution 10 bit A/D converter
    Measurement Accuracy ±1%
    CAT5 Enabled Allows you to add up to 1000' of CAT5 cable to the sensor
    Maximum Extension Cable Length 100 feet with approved low capacitance shielded cable or UTP.
    Conversion Time 280uSec
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