PCAN - MicroMod Development Kit with CAN-USB Adapter


MPN: IPEH-002079

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Micromod Development Kit includes CPU, evaluation board, CAN USB Adapter, software CD, and Power Supply.

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  • Develop your own CANbus Network! Everything you need to develop a CAN I/O Device interface, and network your device via CANbus to a PC.

    Development Kit includes:

    • CAN USB Adapter
    • MicroMod Evaluation Board
    • MicroMod CPU Board
    • Power Adapter
    • CAN cable (3 ft.)
    • Diskette with MicroMod Configuration Software

    The MicroMod CPU is a small (32 x 36 mm) module for OEM designs, it requires a single regulated 5 VDC power supply. The integrated firmware allows for simple configuration of the module with the FREE Windows configuration software. No embedded programming skills are required. The configuration data is sent to the module via CAN. Up to 32 MicroMods can be integrated in a single CAN network. Each individual module can be addressed over the bus enabling to read, modify and store its configuration data.

    The included Windows software makes the following module configuration options available to the user: The digital input levels can send periodically or following a signal level transition (rising edge, falling edge or both transitions). Digital inputs can be logically connected (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR). The results are then displayed on the desired digital outputs and/or sent over the CAN bus. Analog values can be converted by Scale-value and Offset-value and then processed further. Adaptation of analog values is possible via characteristic curves. Direct conversion of analog inputs to CAN-IDs is supported. The rotary-switches (based on the rotary-encoder principle), which are standard in automotive applications, are supported directly.

  • Manufacturers Part Number IPEH-002079